Current Favorites: Rose Gold

Hello Friends! Today I bring you a bit of my current obsession with all things rose gold. As a whole august has been featuring anything in that shade so here is a list of the things I’ve been loving.Rose Gold Favorites: Where the Kale Grows DSCN1903

  • Bag: Sephora freebie with a Korean skincare kit
  • ABH Glow Kit: That Glow (specifically golden bronze and bubbly mixed together)
  • Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil: 3 drops mixed into my liquid foundation & applied with a damp beauty sponge
  • NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm: a deep brown nude
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Summer Lovin: a limited edition shade that is a more pink rose gold with silvery iridescent glitter.
  • Copper Idaho Cookie Cutter: Vintage, Thanks Mom!
  • Sally Hansen Gel Polish in Terra-Coppa: Silver and Rose Gold glitter
  • Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss in Just Nude: super moisturizing and non-sticky. Feels more like a melted lip balm and it’s pretty opaque. I’d compare it to the NYX Butter Glosses but with a fruity scent.
  • Rose Quartz from Crone’s Cupboard in Boise ID
  • Maybelline The Buffs in Sin-a-mon: warmer glossy and sheer-er version of Sandstorm
  • Mineral Fusion Lipstick in Inspire: Sheer deeper pink mauve
  • NYX Shadow Stick in Flushed: I love this so much, its definitely a favorite of all time product for me. I’ve talked about it sooo much. Best in the waterline for a bright natural open eyed look
  • Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow in Rose Gold: for the ultimate foiled eyeshadow look plus it stays on all day and never budges. I use it more for quick days to add a single color to the lid and make me look alive.


  • Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Rose Champagne: new formula, the name is self explanatory and the blush is ever so slightly shimmery

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to give me any rose gold recommendations in the comments!

DIY: Rainbow Facial Masks with Whole Foods

Hello Friends! In this post I bring you some very easy DIY face masks you can make from items already in your kitchen! I’ve made a mask corresponding to every color in the rainbow with real whole food ingredients. Lets get started!Rainbow Masks! Where The Kale GrowsPink: Sweet Rose Clay Mask

Best with a cuppa tea and a good book!


  • Clay Powder
  • Rose Tea
  • Rose Oil


  • Removes Impurities
  • Softening
  • Balancing

Applied with a brush for even application; wash off with warm water when mask is almost dry (for super oily skin, wait until completely dry)


Red: Wine Fermented Clay Mask

For best results…have a glass as well!


  • Red Wine
  • Clay Powder


  • pH balancing
  • Nourishing
  • Removes Impurities

Applied with a brush for even application; wash off with warm water when mask is almost dry (for super oily skin, wait until completely dry)



Orange: Peach Sugar Scrub Mask

Best with fresh peaches from your local farmers market!


  • Fresh Ripe Peaches
  • Raw Honey
  • Aloevera Gel
  • Sugar (Raw or Palm or even salt)


  • Exfoliation
  • Hydration
  • Softening

Applied with fingers and worked gently into skin to remove dead skin cells. Jump right into the shower for a heavenly peach scented experience. Warning: this one is messy.


Yellow: Egg White and Oatmeal Mask


  • Egg Whites
  • Raw Honey
  • Oats (GF if you are sensitive or intolerant to gluten)


  • Hydrating
  • Tightening
  • Softening
  • Mild Exfoliating

I used a milk-frother to whip my egg whites into more of a meringue so I’d have more of a paste. Feel free to separate this mask into it’s constituents to use singly. Warning: This one is messy.


Green: Matcha Tea Tree Clay Mask

Best with a cuppa green tea! Did you know that Matcha is the powdered leaf form of green tea that is significantly higher in caffeine and antioxidants than regular brewed green tea? Plus it contains an amino acid that acts as a muscle relaxant to minimize the jittery feeling of caffeine.


  • Clay Powder
  • Green Tea Matcha Powder
  • Tea Tree Oil


  • Good for Acne prone skin
  • Removes Impurities
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Reduces Facial Water Retention

Applied with a brush for even application; wash off with warm water when mask is almost dry (for super oily skin, wait until completely dry) * This is my favorite one*

Whole Foods Rainbow Facial Masks: Where The Kale GrowsIMG_3740Whole Foods Rainbow Facial Masks: Where The Kale GrowsBlue: Spirulina Honey Mask

Add Sea Salt to make a luxurious ocean scrub! Mermaid tail not included.


  • Raw Honey
  • Aloevera Gel
  • Spirulina Powder


  • Hydrating
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Softening

Applied with a brush for even application; wash off with warm water when mask has dried.


Purple/Indigo: Blueberry Honey Mask

Best with Organic blueberries!


  • Blueberries
  • Aloevera Gel
  • Raw Honey


  • Softening
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Hydrating
  • Calming

Applied with a brush for even application; wash off with warm water when mask has dried. Use an immersion blender or heat blueberries in microwave and mash for best pureed results.


If you’ve made it this far and are sill wondering where I got my kitty ear headband look no further than Etude House on Amazon. Comes in other colors as well.

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you all good skin days and until next time,


Bronze Summer Glow

Hello friends! Here’s a quick summer look thats easy to do and focused on that lovely glowing summer skin.DSCN1873 DSCN1872DSCN1875 DSCN1876

Products Used:

  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation & Concealer
  • Amore Pacific Hydration Spray
  • ColourPop Highlighter in Wisp layered (once set) with ABH That Glow Kit in Bubbly, Sunlight on inner corners and Golden Bronze over NYC Bronzer.
  • They’re Real Mascara over waterproof Maybelline Pushup.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze on the lid & Tattoo Stick in Bronzed Truffle under they eye. Bronzer buffed into crease.
  • ABH Contour Kit in Light Medium
  • NYX Liquid Suede in Sandstorm

Pacifica Review: Skincare, Makeup & Fragrance

Hello friends! Today I bring you an overall review of Pacifica products. This is not exhaustive, but there’s a range of things that I’ve tried for a while now and would love to tell you what I think. Lets start with skincare first.DSCN1857

My Skin type: Combo normal to oily in the T-zone & sensitive. Prone to redness around cheeks, dryness along the hairline and enlarged pores.

Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash: This face wash says its best for oily and acne prone skin, which I have. I was initially drawn to the Kale claim because sometimes I’m a trendy hippie like that. The claims are that it removes makeup, cleanses and tones with coconut water, clay and super greens that have a powerhouse of antioxidants. I’ve used about half of it and I’ve decided to discontinue using it. I find it drys my skin out a little too much. It certainly removes makeup and makes my face feel very clean…but that tight squeaky clean that makes me immediately want to moisturize. Would not repurchase.

Seafoam Complete Face Wash (not pictured): Claims for this face wash are much the same as the one above only with coconut water and sea algae complex. I used this one up over the summer and would definitely repurchase. It smells lovely (which makes me excited to use it) and it much gentler on my skin. I find it was very hydrating in addition to doing its job as a gel based cleanser to remove dirt. It did not make my skin feel tight and stripped like the Kale Detox one does.

Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil: This stuff is awesome! I’ve recently gotten into Korean skincare and oil based cleansing is big as a fist step in cleansing the face. I love using this after removing my makeup to get rid of the buildup of sebum or other oily substances on my face and then go in with a gel based cleanser and my Clairisonic. Claims are to cleanse, remove makeup, nourish and love. It makes my skin feel moisturized and like I’m deeply removing excess oil on my oily skin without stripping it and having it backfire by producing even more oil that I’ve taken away. Great at removing makeup and the dropper style packaging helps distribute the oil in my hand sanitarily and controlled. Would repurchase, I have used all of it.

Skincarma Restorative Roll-On Face Oil: This oil I use as a last step top coat, if you will, to my nighttime skincare (in rotation with some other facial oils.) It has marigold and tiare oils. It’s a light enough oil that it skins in fast and is of a drier consistency so theres no greasy feel. I wish it came in a dropper packaging, however, because the roll on version doesn’t seem very hygienic. I would use it more often if it wasn’t a roll on form…but it does make it handy and leak proof for travel.

Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask: Claims for this mask are that it fights shininess and clogged pores to refine the skin with blackberry, strawberry and lemon peel. So a fruit antioxidant brightening mask. Has a thick gel formula and smells lovely. Spread on a thin layer, let dry then wash off. I’m not sure it does all that much except brighten the complexion. As for un-clogging pores I haven’t seen it do anything miraculous and stick to clay masks and pore strips for that. Probably would not repurchase.

Vital Immersion Deep Hydration Mask: Claims for this mask are to superhydrate and replenish stressed skin with red rice, grapeseed and jasmine flower water. THIS SHIT IS THE BOMB! I love this stuff. It’s not a mask in the typical sense that you apply something, let it dry and wash it off. Its more of a supercharged moisturizer for deep hydration (like it says.) I leave always leave mine on overnight or all day to ensure lasting hydration as a top coat to my serums and or moisturizers (depending on my skins needs.) Like most pacifica products it smells lovely and I will be repurchasing this since mine is nearly empty. If you like the Glamglow Hydration Mud, try this one. Same basic concept of a deeply hydrating one-step-up-moisturizer-on-steroids (minus the steroids.) Only it’s $18 vs. $69 and its vegan, cruelty free and from a reputable brand.

French Lilac & Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butters (not pictured): Pretty self explanatory that all Pacifica’s body butters are amazing. Thick, hydrating and intensely perfumed. If you like a particular scent go for the body butters for a luxurious experience. My favorite scent is the French Lilac because I always want to smell like a bouquet of flowers.

French Lilac Body Wash (not pictured): Again a truly luxurious scent experience with the body washes that does its job at cleansing gently and enveloping you in a wonderful scent. I had the French Lilac Body wash last spring when lilacs were also in bloom and it really helped me set the tone for the spring and frankly made me excited to use it and happy every time I smelled it. Very true to the scent as well if you are a bit of a scent snob. The French Lilac smells exactly like lilacs.
DSCN1858 (2)

Makeup: My skin tone is warm with very yellow undertones but also pale. I’m W1 & W3 in L’Oreal True Match (or W2 in the Cushion) and G20 in Cover FX Custom Cover Drops.

Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation with SPF 17: I love this CC cream. It doesn’t impart too much color, but the finish is hydrating and weightless. I like to mix it with my custom cover drops for more coverage and it still feels like skin. SPF is awesome and it blends in quickly. Would repurchase.

Dreamlift Illuminating Under Eye Brightener: I really wanted to like this eye brightener but the bottom line is its pink. It’s just way too cool for my very warm skin tone so I can’t really use it without looking odd. The consistency is OK, its hydrating but not much too it.

Transcendent Concentrated Correcting Concealer: Same with the Dreamlift, this concealer is just too cool for my skintone and doesn’t give as much coverage as I’d like. It a sheer coverage thats hydrating and blends well but creases even with powder and is lack-luster for me. I have a lot of redness to cover up so I need a little thicker concealer action.

Perfect Lotus Universal Powder in Light: I don’t find anything particularly good about this powder, its not bad nor is it great. The tiny tin makes it hard to get a brush in and swirl enough product to make much of a difference. It’s been re-located to my purse for emergency touch ups. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Color Quench Lip Tint in Vanilla Hibiscus (not pictured): This lip balm was good, but not great. I didn’t feel it hydrated all that much. Bottom line it smelled wonderful and imparted a slight sheen that looked lovely. I used it up but it was a basic tinted balm. I would repurchase again.DSCN1859


Spanish Amber Spray Perfume: if you want the most staying power for your perfumes go with the spray or the soild. They seem to last the longest. Notes of Amber, Geranium, Sandalwood, Bergamont & Elemi. Not my favorite scent. It’s pretty strong and smoky. I don’t wear it too often.

Indian Coconut Nectar Roll-on: Vanilla and coconut. Very true to scent, summery and versatile.

Island Vanilla Roll-On: Vanilla, honey jasmine, and tea. Very subtle. I like adding it with other perfumes for a creamier scent. Great for layering for something unique.

Tunisian Jasmine Lime Roll-On: Notes of Sweet Fig, Palm, Cyclamen, Moss, Clove & Sandalwood. I haven’t had time to wear this one but I’m waiting for spring/summer.

French Lilac Solid Perfume: True to scent with heliotrope and nectarine in there as well. A spring time stapleTibetan Mountain Temple Solid Perfume: Vetiver, Patchouli, Ginger and Orange. This one smells christmasy to me and I enjoy it.

Mexican Cocoa Solid Perfume: Not so hot about this one. It’s very warm. Some scents are spot on or a little over the top but if anything they are always natural based scents. Notes of almond, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla.

January Favorites + Unfavorite

Hello my lovelies, I’d love to share my favorites for the month of January with you so lets get started. DSCN1853 First and most important is “the little book of skin care; Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin” by Charlotte Cho. I read this like lighting and promptly filled my Amazon account with quite affordable Korean brands to try out. If you have not read this book and struggle with keeping your skin under control then I highly recommend you set your peepers on it. The basics of Korean skincare were not all that far off from what I had figured out on my own, suited for my individual skincare needs. That made me really excited I was already on the right track and maybe just needed to tweak things here and there. With the influx of K-Dramas on Netflix you can get an easy look as to why the Koreans know whats up when it comes to skin. All the actors skin was flawless, clear and glowy, even the men. I’d like some of that please.

Pretty much theres a consistency gradient of layering products from the thinest to the creamiest consistency after doing a double cleanse and tone. First with an oil based cleanser then a water based one. I’ve been using Pacifica’s Instant Karma Facial Cleansing Oil first, (after removing makeup) to break up the sebum/oil my skin has produced throughout the day. I feel like this step really sets me up for nice skin and I can give my face a massage to get circulation at the same time.

Next is The Face Shop’s Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner. I have never used a product like this before and I love it. The main ingredient is glycerin, which is a humectant that pulls moisture into the skin. So it moisturizes and resets my pH balance of my skin, keeping the integrity of my acid mantle in tact.

I’ve nearly used up my Hada Labo Tokyo Anti- Aging Hydrator. It is mostly Hyaluronic Acid which is another super powerful humectant. I find my skin needs a Hyaluronic Acid to maintain its moisture all year round in the harsh Northern Idaho Air.

After using the Hyaluronic Acid I add this Snail Bee High Content Essence from Benton. Since it’s a Korean product I can’t tell you whats in it, as it’s in Korean but I can say it has other humectant properties to lock in moisture and makes my skin feel very hydrated and plump.

Can you tell there’s a trend in my skincare? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Another great product that I used when I need some deep hydration (usually overnight) is Pacifica’s Vital Immersion Deep Hydration Mask. Unlike most masks that you leave on and wash off this one it more of a super-powered creme. I add it as the last step of my nighttime routine and sleep in it so all that goodness can set in and make my face look hydrated, fresh and youthful in the morning. If you love the Glam Glow Hydration Mask, try this one out. It’s $18 vs. $69 and does the same thing, plus its from a conscious, vegan and cruelty free brand.

Another mask I’ve been loving is one I whipped up myself. I used Bentonite clay, green tea and turmeric for a tightening, pore absorbing, redness reducing, brightening mask. Bentonite clay for drawing impurities out of the skin, green tea for caffeine and antioxidants and turmeric for anti-inflammation and brightening properties (and no, it will not stain your face bright yellow, but it will stain your clothes; a fair warning.)

My one makeup favorite this month has been another Korean inspired purchase of the new L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation in W2. It’s a near perfect match and is super dewy but high enough coverage to mask the redness I naturally have around my cheeks. I prefer to use my real techniques sponge to apply it so I can wash it afterwards, instead of the sponge it comes with. I find that if I bake with powder so it super sets the makeup it will last a full 12 hours of my hospital shift and still look damn near flawless with minimal touchups.

The last favorite is a scent from Tokyo Milk Dark in Bulletproof No. 45. According to Sephora, it has notes of Jasmine, Coconut, Tonka, Cinnamon, Cedar, Patchouli, Clove. It’s the most deep mysterious and musky scent I’ve encountered and I love it. It’s borderline cologne (similar to Polo by Ralph Lauren) but still florally. I imagine its something Lara Croft from Tomb Raider would wear (the first movie with Angelina Jolie.) Very sexy and alluring.


I have one unfavorite for the month and that is sadly this foundation from Gabriel in warm beige. Color is great, consistency is crap. It’s very thick and hard to get out of the bottle then dries faster than I can bounce it out with my beauty sponge. Coverage was patchy since it dried so fast and all that may have been forgivable for this natural foundation (which I found in the new Boise Co’op) but I had an allergic reaction that gave me tiny pimples all over my face. Reactions to makeup definitely make this product a flop plus it had not safely seal when I bought it.

Gluten Free, Vegan Super Pink Beet Cake

Hello Friends! If you were able to read my Palouse Adventures Post, you’d know my mom recently came to visit me and like any mom visit, was full of produce from the garden. Included in that bountiful haul was some lovely beets. I’ve finally gotten around to using them (thank goodness they keep so well) and in my desire to do something new with beets I scrolled through foodgawker and found this post here from The Green Life with a recipe for gluten free, vegan beet cake. Sold. Where’s my mixer. Click the link above for the full recipe. DSCN1847Seeing as it was a rainy Monday I thought this ‘raincake’ would be a much pinker omage to ‘thundercake.’ If you don’t know what thundercake is, it’s a devilishly chocolate cake made with tomatoes that is the main feature of a children’s book. Having grown up reading it I thought this would be perfect and sentimental. DSCN1846I used a organic vegan frosting mix from Palmelas that I found int the depths of my baking drawer instead of the coconut cream frosting the original post suggests. I grated micro fine bits of raw beet for that impressive color and added some home cured maraschino pie cherries (also from Mom) to top. DSCN1848 Now If you don’t like the taste of beets, I don’t think you’ll like this. I can definitely taste the earthiness of the beets here. Using coconut sugar instead of regular sugar makes this cake much less sweet that one might be expecting. I, however, like things less sweet. So after horking down my first slice I can tell you the texture is super moist and dense and well…lovely. Happy Monday everyone!DSCN1849

Blog-O-Ween: The White Rabbit

Happy Halloween my ghosts and ghouls! I bring you my one and only Halloween look this year for Blog-O-Ween. It saddens me I wasn’t able to get into it as I have the previous 2 years but alas, adulting causes me to prioritize. A big thank you to Miss Brittany H. for putting this in my brain space when we were discussing Halloween looks. Here’s my White Rabbit to your Mad Hatter, my dear.

So let’s get into it.DSCN1834 For the accessories: A quick trip to JoAnn’s and I left with a bit of white lace and a bit of white lace trim. 1/3 a yard of each, if you want to get specific, and a spool of thick beading wire. A few bends, and tucks later with my pliers and I had the outline of the ears bent around a circle that sat like a small crown on the top of my head that allowed me to pin it into place. I sewed the sleeves up quick for the ears and slid them over my wire frame. The head band is just pinned in place behind my ears.

I had contemplated pulling it further down my eyes but I’m pretty into these white eyebrows.

DSCN1829DSCN1828Here’s what I used:

  • Morphe 35C Warm Matte Palette in mostly the second to last row of pinks & reds and the white eyeshadow.
  • As a base I used my Ben Nye Bruise Wheel in the red (not pictured, oops rolled under my bed.)
  • ABH Contour Palette in Fawn mostly and Havana.
  • Jordana 24 Hr. Jumbo Pencil in White for highlighting & to lighten the overall look.
  • NYX Liquid White Liner for all the details.
  • Maybelline The Buffs in Bare All, which is the lightest shade in the range.
  • NYX Lip Pencil in Pinky Beige for my bunny nose and shaded with the ABH contour palette.
  • NYX Illuminator in Ritualistic for dat glow tho. Can you tell I love this one? I put it in all the high spots. Liberally.
    DSCN1830I really wanted to keep some aspects of the original Disney White Rabbit so I gave myself a little lace bow tie.DSCN1832DSCN1838 I also dusted my hair with liberal amounts of dry shampoo.DSCN1843 I don’t have a clock….so my Iphone was the closest thing for my White Rabbit to be concerned she was late, for a very important date.DSCN1845